Let's Reinvent Ourselves We Said...

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Let's Reinvent Ourselves We Said...

For years, I have heard you need to reinvent yourself every seven years.  Do something new.  Be refreshed with new ideas and rejuvenate your spirit.  I've loosely practiced this the past 25 years in various aspects of my life, but never have I had a chance to do it in a business setting until now.

Tiffany and I started Living Avenue (originally Pamondon) nearly eight years ago which really doesn't seem that long ago.  Getting started we spent hundreds of hours working on categories, pricing, establishing vendor accounts, etc.  After the original site went live, we did most of the software development ourselves as I taught myself how to write code.  There were many frustrating and long days to say the least.

Most of our time we have been in operation, we have sold Christian books and music and even had some merchandise for some time.  It all started with our desire to continue on the legacy of a business a friend of ours started that abruptly ended for a number of reasons.  It simply felt like the business wasn't supposed to end so soon.  I'm sure you've likely felt that way about something yourself.  

We also felt there was a need in the market for another online Christian retailer and we wanted to help churches, ministries and individuals stretch their resources as far as possible.  And, we still have this same desire today.

So, let's get back to the subject of reinventing ourselves. What has changed you might ask?  For starters, we are only listing bibles for sale on the site.  We can still sell you any Christian book or resource that is still in print or available though.  However, right now, we feel led to simply offer bibles.  If you absolutely want to buy a non-bible item from us, drop us an email or call and we're happy to take care of it for you.  It's just that you won't find those items on our site for now.

Another way we're reinventing ourselves is in our desire to offer unique content each week that you can use to help grow in your Christian walk.  A little over a year ago, we started a Top 20 Christian Music Video list on YouTube.  We'll be updating the list each Monday.  Feel free to subscribe to it on YouTube and play it while working, exercising or relaxing at home.  Plus, give us feedback on the list.  We'd love to hear your thoughts.

We will also blog more.  In a world that is overran with social media, we will add a little bit more.  Our desire is to challenge us all to grow closer to a God who loves us and wants our best.  Hopefully, you'll be encouraged and challenged to be all our creator wants us to be.

So, be on the lookout for these changes.  We will be rolling them out slowly and we hope you enjoy what we bring to you.


Jeff McDougal