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Recently, my husband and I were discussing the song "The Little Drummer Boy". Who was he? He's not in the Bible? And, what if you're not a drummer? So, that's true - this drumming boy is not noted in the Bible. However, I think there's a sweet simplicity with this song that is very encouraging. The song lyric says "Little Baby...I am a poor boy too...I have no gift to bring...that's fit to give the King." So, instead of bringing a physical gift to this new King - the Messiah - the infant Jesus - the boy brings his talent of...

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"What a beautiful name it is, the name of Jesus".  I love that lyric from the song "What a Beautiful Name" by Hillsong. It's one of the songs that has been featured on the Living Avenue Top 20 Christian Music YouTube channel. (You can link to the channel from the bottom of our site or click here - Do you have times when certain songs just resonate and connect with your soul? This is one of those songs for me right now. I could listen and sing along over and over. And, I love how each chorus responds to the verse before...

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For years, I have heard you need to reinvent yourself every seven years.  Do something new.  Be refreshed with new ideas and rejuvenate your spirit.  I've loosely practiced this the past 25 years in various aspects of my life, but never have I had a chance to do it in a business setting until now. Tiffany and I started Living Avenue (originally Pamondon) nearly eight years ago which really doesn't seem that long ago.  Getting started we spent hundreds of hours working on categories, pricing, establishing vendor accounts, etc.  After the original site went live, we did most of the...

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