The Little Drummer Boy - Song Spotlight

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The Little Drummer Boy - Song Spotlight

Recently, my husband and I were discussing the song "The Little Drummer Boy". Who was he? He's not in the Bible? And, what if you're not a drummer?

So, that's true - this drumming boy is not noted in the Bible. However, I think there's a sweet simplicity with this song that is very encouraging. The song lyric says "Little Baby...I am a poor boy too...I have no gift to bring...that's fit to give the King." So, instead of bringing a physical gift to this new King - the Messiah - the infant Jesus - the boy brings his talent of playing the drum.

Isn't that something God wants from us? Wouldn't he be pleased that we use our skills and talents to praise and give honor to Him? My husband joked that he could bring his accounting gifts, pa rum pum pum pum. While swapping the word "accounting" or "computer keyboard" may not quite fit the song, the concept still applies. One who is great with numbers can use that gift well in various aspects of life. God gifted certain people in that way.

The band For King & Country has a great version of the Little Drummer Boy. Here's a link to the video: