Time is ticking away...

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Time is ticking away...

In the early 1990's, the Christian rap group DC Talk released a track off their album Free at Last titled Time Is.  Besides the fact that it had a great beat and sound, the lyrics had a way of piercing through the busyness of life to remind me that there was so much more to this world than what I was making out of it.  Below is an excerpt of the lyrics.  Powerful indeed.

Right now is the time that we gotta get with it
The gift that He's given ain't just an exhibit
But a tool that He's given us to use for His sake
And just as He's given He can surely take
The signs of the times are dropping like flies
The cries of the people around us imply
They're lookin' for an answer that we already know
But time is

All the money in the world
Can never stop the hands of time
And a wasted day in your life
Is more than a crime

Time is tickin' away, time is tickin'
Time is tickin' away, time is tickin' definitely on the go

Back then, I was graduating high school and starting college at the University of Missouri.  Life was exciting.  I left my small hometown in the Bootheel of Missouri and headed north to Columbia which seemed like a huge town at the time.  I was meeting new friends, studying to be a medical doctor (which changed to a business degree) and really enjoying life. 

However, through all of this, I was self-centered and throwing away day after day on things that seemed important at the time, but really weren't.  Eventually after a few years, God helped me realize that life is short, people are important and that we only get one life to live.  Thankfully, this song has reminded me of it for roughly 25 years.  

It's easy to get caught up in the craziness we all call life and that still occurs to me this very day, but it is great to have a song that I can go back to and be reminded of what's important.  Because it is true, time is ticking away.  Tick, tick, ticking away.  Let's all live for Him, love others and slow down and enjoy this life we have been given.  Thanks DC Talk for the song, but also for being a ministry that a life like mine was touched by.